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Muscle Compression (single bands)

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  • Muscles become stiff or cold after an injury or hard work and need a little help in order to recover their joint mechanics and movement, which is where Exile Gear voodoo floss will help.

    Using muscle floss is proven to speed up recovery by forcing blood to hard-working muscles that are struggling to recover, thus speeding up the recovery process.

    - Strong compression for ultimate injury prevention and mobility after a heavy workout

    - Compress the swelling of your muscle tissues and get a rush of blood to the compressed area after the band is released, leading to a better recovery due to the increased blood flow

    - A performance tool that will restore joint mechanics and improve your range of movement

    - The floss band targets specific body parts as part of your physiotherapy

    - Our Voodoo bands are made from 100% natural latex rubber and will not damage your skin

    - Each Voodoo band is 7ft long

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