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45L Escape Tactical Backpack
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Our Escape range of tactical backpacks are designed with usability and durability in mind. Whether you're looking for an all-day hiking backpack, an overnight mission military backpack or simply going about your daily business, a well-constructed tactical backpack will make your task and life, in general, a whole lot easier.

Whether you're looking for an everyday backpack, a larger backpack, or a sling backpack, each of ours is a rugged, comfortable, robust, strong, and multi-functional backpack, meaning you can wear them all day without hassle or discomfort. Made with the toughest nylons along with ergonomically designed back sections and padded shoulder straps (as with our weighted vest ), you can tackle extreme conditions with confidence, especially when carrying a full load or hydration bladder.

Our military rucksacks are water resistant and come with a range of capacities that will suit both military use and commuters. All rucksacks also come with enough storage space and features and details to store everything from your water bottle to your hiking gear.


Although our tactical backpacks perfect for everything from fitting in your gym gear to your wet weather gear on a hike, they're also perfect as your EDC.

And when it comes to hauling your gear around on a daily basis and fitting in everything you need, absolutely nothing beats one of our Escape EDC military backpacks. Our backpacks are designed with more than enough storage that allows you to safely organise and carry both light and heavy loads on any journey in any country.

Whether you're law enforcement, going on a field trip, or simply carrying your laptop to and from school, you'll find the ideal bug out bag with the right capacity and size within our Escape tactical backpack range to meet your needs and solve your day-to-day problem.

The internal and external design of your hiking backpack

There are some key elements that must be designed into every backpack that you should be looking for if you want something that will truly meet your needs, whether you're trekking through the Amazon, or walking to work.

1. Internally, it needs to have enough space to carry your main items, or what we like to call a 3-day backpack or 72-hour capacity. And whilst this might sound obvious, not every backpack is right for what you want. For example, our larger backpack, the 45L tactical pack has a modern design with internal dimensions that will allow you to carry every size up to a 17-inch laptop in the padded internal compartment (or tablet storage in the case of our crossbody tactical bag), whilst having space for a 15-inch laptop in the dump pocket. 

The ideal backpack should also have an internal divider and some form of hydration pocket that's big enough to hold a 3L water reservoir.

2. Our backpacks all have external pockets, zippered pockets, and external dimensions that make the day pack ideal for carrying your additional gear and personal items safely, whilst being easy to use.

3. They need to be made from tough nylon fabric, have adjustable shoulder straps, removable straps and be an ambidextrous design. They should also have at least one functional hook on the inside of the bag that you can keep your most precious products clipped to, to keep them extra safe.

4. Additional things to consider when buying are, on the outside a tactical bag needs to have panel Molle straps, accessible pockets, at least one water bottle pocket, and the ability for you to add additional pouches or tactical pouches.

They also need to have an adjustable waist belt and a padded back panel for when your outdoor activities require you to wear it for long periods of time, especially when there's load compression on your shoulders.

Choosing the right backpack

Choosing the right backpack might seem like a straightforward and easy decision for anyone to make, but you'd be wrong. Not because you can quickly work out what you need from the bag but because they aren't all built to the same standards.

Our rucksacks are made from the highest quality materials, including 600D nylon, have PALS webbing on most bags, and have YKK zips to guarantee that every backpack meets the needs of the user. They also have enough features and capacity to store your vitals securely, whether you need an accessory pocket for your medical kit, an admin pocket for your on-the-go snacks and additional items, a hydration compatible water bladder for your hiking expedition, or a laptop compartment for when you're simply going to and from work.

If you have any questions, please get in touch