Light Resistance Band - Single Band

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  • 1x light resistance band

    This band is ideal for:

    - Stretching, mobility work, warm ups & physical therapy

    - Shoulder strength and mobility exercises

    - Bicep & tricep exercises

    - Upper & lower body conditioning exercises

    - Ab exercises

    - Light exercise or resistance training such as arm curls and squats


    - Dimensions: 208cm/41" x 2cm x 4.5mm

    - Resistance: Black - 11-21kg

    - Maximum stretch: approximately 150% (100 inches/250cm)


    Loop resistance bands are the one piece of strength training equipment that both beginners and athletes of all fitness levels should incorporate into their workouts due to the progressive resistance they offer in practically every workout they're used in. Using a resistance band to perform exercises improves the major muscle groups as they grow in strength. They're easily one of the most valuable tools in your workout arsenal.

    The multi-layering of our pull up bands ensures that you get true, progressive resistance and a band that will not break in the middle of your workout.

    Please note that our resistance bands are made from 100% natural latex. If you have an allergy to latex, do not buy this product.

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