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Premium 41" Pull Up Bands For CrossFit & Powerlifting

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  • Every Exile Gear exercise band is made using multi-layered latex for maximum strength and incredible durability. We guarantee that our resistance bands are the best in the UK and only consist of 100% natural latex, and absolutely no filler (which is what you get in cheap options).

    The multi-layering of our loop resistance bands ensures that you get true, progressive resistance and a band the will not break.

    Resistance Levels

    Red: Superlight - 5-12kg

    Black: Light - 11-21kg

    Purple: Medium - 13-38kg

    Green: Strong - 22-54kg

    Blue: Super strong - 27-68kg

    Grey: 32-75kg

    We recommend the following

    Red bands: Stretching and mobility work

    Black bands: Light exercise or resistance training such as arm curls and squats

    Purple bands: Heavier exercise or resistance training including deadlifts, squats, and upright rows

    Green bands: Assisted pull-ups with body weights from 40-80kg

    Blue bands: Assisted pull-ups with body weights from 80kg and over

    NOTE: Serious athletes that want to add something extra to their deadlift routines should use the green and blue bands, attaching them to the lifting platform, and over the barbell. This will maximise the use of every muscle used and force them to grow.

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